Toolkit 4 – Engage Emotions


Toolkit 4 – Engage Emotions

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This Toolkit 4 ebook on Engage Emotions is a step-by-step guide packed with fun activities, games, engaging discussions and educational tools to help children explore and express emotions, and sows them how emotions can be regulated.

In Toolkit 4, children will learn to flip from negative to positive emotions and build on positive behaviours. We will also be learning to read the emotions of others and practise empathy using proven tools.

There are over 50 activities to assist children in engaging with their emotions.

The activities in Toolkit 4 of ENGAGE EMOTIONS are related to:

Lesson 14: Assessing the Emotional Health in Children

Lesson 15: Understanding Emotions of Ourselves

Lesson 16: Flip negative to positive Emotions

Lesson 17: Build Positive Emotions using proven methods

Lesson 18: Read and Feel Emotions of Others

Lesson 19: Influence Others with Empathy


POWER up your child’s resilience! In a world driven by technology, it is time we dive inward and drive the POWER within us. Let’s make this life-long adventure worthwhile.


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