What's the Framework?

P.O.W.E.R - The 5 KEY elements

Kids' Resilience is created for parents/educators like you, looking to strengthen the 5 key elements within your children and help them build resilience.


These tools are created to support self-observation on what's happening in your current state of being. Our step-by-step guide, will assist you to be well-equipped to help kids develop resilience.

Lifetime Learning

We point you straight to the FIRST element that your child needs the most to help him/her build resilience. We are here to support and follow-up with you and your child, even after you leave this page. Ready?

KR Assessment

The KR assessment provides insights into the current state of the child’s well-being and resilience. The outcome enables parents and educators to determine the strategy needed to support the child in building resilience.

This assessment takes less than 5 minutes to complete. It gives you personalised results based on 25 factors that determine kids’ resilience.

Eating Habits Questionnaire

The Eating Habits Questionnaire helps us understand more about your current eating habits and nutrition. The more details you provide about your experiences and mindset, the more we can help.

This questionnaire takes less than 10 minutes to complete. You can use this questionnaire as a way to track progress and measure improvement in eating habits. 

Hunger Cues and Appetite

The Questionnaire helps you identify physical hunger and fullness cues. If you want to move towards eating mindfully and this is for you. Find out your eating patterns. 

This questionnaire takes less than 7 minutes to complete. You can use this questionnaire as a way to track progress and tailor your fasting habits. 

We help you design personalised resilience program for your kid

The POWER Tool offers a powerful way to understand the resilience strengths and risks within your child. Connect with us to explore ways to build resilience and grow together. 

Every child is a brilliant star waiting to light up and shine. All they need is that one person who sees the star in them.