Journal 2 – Own the Act


Journal 2 – Own the Act

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This illustrated Journal 2 on Own the Act is a reflection guide to help kids integrate responsibility and be confident in their own abilities to deal with stressors in life and take action.

Journal 2, offers opportunities for children to reflect and visualise when resilience fails and how they react when it does. Using the tools and techniques they have learned, they can better understand how to step out of their comfort zone and find their strengths.

In this colourfully illustrated Journal 2: OWN THE ACT, children discover:

Lesson 5: The events or situation that causes their Resilience Failure/Risks

Lesson 6: How often they practice Handbrake

Lesson 7: The availability of their Choice Point

Lesson 8: Ways to Bounce Forward

Lesson 9: Creating new habits to Stretch & Grow

Lesson 10: Enhance their Strengths


POWER up your child’s resilience! In a world driven by technology, it is time we dive inward and drive the POWER within us. Let’s make this life-long adventure worthwhile.


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