Our Story

Helping you build your kids’ resilience.

Let us walk through the life of a child. A child is born today. She inhales her first breath and cries her first sound. In the warmth of her mother’s arms and heartbeat, she calms down and sleeps soundly. From the womb to the world, she adapts. She wakes everyone up when she’s hungry and has her needs met. Days and months pass by; in a blink, the baby is six months old. Gradually, she learns to crawl, stand, and walk. When she’s one year old, you’re chasing after her little footsteps. When she falls and cries, what’s the first thing you say to her? What did your parents say to you?

What was your childhood like? Do you know what type of parent you want to be? How do you find out? Before screening and assessing your child’s overall well-being, take a moment, and reflect on your personal growth. You were once a kid. What kind of upbringing did you go through? In this programme, we will introduce new ways and methods to help you be the parent you choose to be.

My Story

I was born right between the analogue and digital childhoods. I have experienced the transition from an analogue world of social interactions outdoors, making friendship bracelets, and writing postcards to a digital world where the phone becomes an extension of the arm, eyes are glued to social media for 8 hours, and children naturally become tech-savvy. This combination of slow- and fast-paced worlds allowed me to find balance and meaning in life at a later stage of my childhood.

What if someone had taught me about resilience when I was three years old? I would have been equipped with life skills and understand more about myself sooner without having to seek approval from others. Now that I connect the dots backwards, to the years where I often wondered what my life purpose was, maybe it is this: My purpose in life is to educate kids in resilience, so that they become their own teachers for life.

After pursuing my PhD in the UK, I taught adults, young adults, adolescents, and children of all ages in various settings, from universities to primary schools, both locally and internationally. As I was figuring out my life purpose, I realised the moment I stopped looking for answers was when I lived life to the fullest. Writing this programme let me feel that I was in my natural element, doing exactly what I was born to do.


You, too, can be in your own element, doing something that you are passionate about. In this programme, we hope you find your passion for teaching your child life skills that are vital to their growth. We encourage you to think creatively and explore ways to educate your child to lead their own lives. I often ask people, “Are you happy?” The pause between the question and response lets me know if they are happy or still seeking happiness.


In this programme, our goal is to optimise your child’s capacity to learn and explore their ability to be their best. We help parents identify, understand, and manage their personal well-being by providing them with scientifically proven methods and tips. Teachers can use this as a guide to teaching children about goal setting, expressing empathy, and building relationships in school.