Light Up Your Star,
POWER Up Your Resilience

POWER up your child’s resilience! In a world driven by technology, it is time we dive inward and drive the POWER within us. Let’s make this life-long adventure worthwhile. 

Why choose Kids’ Resilience Programme?

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Every child deserves to shine, and our aim is to bring out the brightest STAR in your child. The STAR represents the POWER within each child. Together we will explore ways to grow and build kids’ resilience. The 5 key elements of POWER stand for:

P hysical Well-being

O wn the Act

W ise Mind

E ngage Emotions

R elationships

As part of the programme that teaches kids resilience, our goals for parents and educators are:

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The Kids’ Resilience Programme is intended to provide you with resources and inspire you to help your child build his or her resilience. We believe the best way to learn is by narrowing the gap between knowing and doing. Let’s get started.

Have you measured your child’s resilience score? Take the Star POWER Assessment® to find out. After identifying your child’s resilience score, POWER up with:

Start building kids’ good habits throughout their childhood because this helps to increase their confidence when they transition into adulthood. The right time to start is always NOW.

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