Programme 3 – Wise Mind


Programme 3 – Wise Mind

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This Programme 3 ebook on Wise Mind is a step-by-step guide packed with research-based tips, tools, and strategies to help you integrate a positive outlook towards life with a growth mindset.

In Programme 3, we look in-depth at your child’s cognitive development and examine what children can do to develop a growth mindset. We offer new ways of thinking about the past and being in the present and create an action plan together for the future.

KEY ELEMENT 3: Wise Mind

Lesson 11: Cognitive Development

Lesson 12: Enhance Cognitive Abilities

Lesson 13: Reshaping the Brain


POWER up your child’s resilience! In a world driven by technology, it is time we dive inward and drive the POWER within us. Let’s make this life-long adventure worthwhile.


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