Do you know that your gut and brain are talking to each other?

Do you eat based on how you feel or based on your needs? Connecting your eating habits with your body’s needs is important. This can be learned. When we were babies, we cry when we are hungry and turn away when we are full. Babies know exactly what they want and when they want it. […]

How to Raise Resilient Kids at Home?

Teaching resilience to kids is a task centering kids’ phyisical well-being, emotional health, learning, and the ability to handle the challenges in life. The biggest struggle that parents face in teaching resilience is the fact that it can be learned the hard way. Resilience is built by doing and experiencing. With parents constantly stepping in […]

Focus Is Deteriorating In Children

How to Manage the Ill Effects of Smartphones and Gadgets Smartphones and tablets are the easiest distraction for children today. Whether it is to bribe them into doing what you want or keeping them occupied for a bit, they are the best tools. With education moving online, for the most part, screen time for children […]

10 Ideas for Teaching Kids Resilience

Resilience is often thought to be an inborn or inherent trait. But did you know that through empathic parenting and meaningful guidance, it is possible to build resilience in children from an early age? Many find it surprising that teaching kids resilience is even possible. But, like other skills, the ability to be resilient in […]

5 Tips to Raise a Resilient Child at Home Starting Today

  If you thought only adulthood was stressful and laden with responsibilities, think again. Kids today are faced with multi-dimensional challenges on a daily basis. Some manage brilliantly, while others crumble under pressure. Ever wondered why? Here’s the good news! Resilience can be learned. Read on to discover 5 actionable tips for raising resilient children.  […]